Crime Scene Investigation Resources

Learn the basics of crime scene investigation...

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Writing a convincing crime scene for your murder mystery or crime novel requires extensive knowledge of crime scene investigation tactics and procedures. This page has links to CSI sites, forensic sites and to law and police sites. You'll learn all the ins and outs of how to construct your crime scene from start to finish...

Crime Scene Investigation

Great resources to assist your gumshoe, PI, detective, the little old lady next door who solves crimes to keep from being bored, or whomever is going to be your crime solver.

Crime and Clues
The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation. Great site.

Cops 'n Writers
Cops 'n Writers is a consulting service for writers who wish to incorporate law enforcement elements into their writings.

Criminal Psycology
An enormous amount of information provided by true crime stories. Also find out what makes serial killers tick.

Crime Scene Investigations
Investigating the crime scene from start to finish.

Crime Scence Investigator Network
Accurate and detailed information where you can find about everything from fingerprints to poison to forensics to photography

How Private Investigators Work
A lot of good information on the work of the PI.

Police Writer Association
Knowledge, resources and networking for Police writers.

Types of Wiretaps, Bugs and Methods
Get the scoop on bugging and wiretapping.


A few decades ago writers had it much easier - all they had to deal with in the crime scene investigation of their novels were a few fingerprints. Contemporary mystery writers must now deal with high-tech crime scene labs and improved methods of detection.

These are sites you'll want to pay close attention to in order to make your crimes and investigations real.

Alan Barbour's Forensic Toxicology Links
Listing of Forensic Toxicology sites.

All About Forensic Science
This website is designed to help anybody looking for informed and detailed information on forensic science. Definitions, history, topic areas, theory and practice, careers, debates, CSI, degree and study options will all be covered in detail here.

Links to the top 50 Forensic Science Blogs.

Computer Forensics World
Computer Forensics World is a growing community of professionals involved in the digital forensics industry. It is an open resource, free for all to access and to use.

Crime Scene Investigator
A lot of resources to make your crime scene real.

DNA & Forensic Science Criminal Investigations
Good information and plenty of links on this site.

Forensic Archaeology
Links and information on different aspects of forensics.

Forensic Document Examination
Handwriting and other document analysis

Forensic Entomology
This site was created to assist in the education of crime scene technicians, homicide investigators, coroners, medical examiners, and others involved in the death investigation process.

The Germ Theory Calendar
The Germ Theory Calendar (GTC) is a web-accessible database, intended as a source of information on the historical development of the “germ theory” of disease,

The History of Fingerprints
How fingerprints have been used through the years.

Latent Print Examination
Get the scoop on the examination of fingerprints, footprints and palmprints.

Reddy's Forensic Pages
Links to all sorts of forensic information.

Zeno"s Forensic Site
Extensive information on forensic science, forensic psychiatry and other aspects of forensic evidence.

The Law and The Police

Laws, procedures and resources to keep your story in line with reality. Depending on your crime, it's location and your sleuths, you should also look into specific state and federal laws.

Cornell University Lawschool
Legal Information Institute is a non-profit group that provides open access to thr law. Helps you to read, learn and understand the laws.

Basic information on their organization.
News, legal research and directories and much more.

Lectric Law Library
A wonderfully wacky place with a lot of information.

A to Z directory of legal terms. Great resource for mystery writing.

Legal Information Institute
Criminal law and procedure.
Police topics, procedures, training, etc.

Police Bureau
Police manuals of policies and procedures.

Police Officer Pages
From recruitment, to life as a cop, get the feel of being a cop.

A Police Wife
Blog of a cop's wife with many links to resources and other police sites.

Search Warrants: What They Are and When They're Necessary
Learn when police officers must obtain a warrant before they search your home or other property.

Think Like a Black Belt
Why you need to learn street cop body language

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