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Creating characters for a new novel or short story can be difficult, but don't despair. With some simple tips, and a little expert advice you can create characters with depth and believability.

Check out some (or all) of these helpful sites and articles and you'll be writing fictional characters as if they were real in no time...

Character Creation

Character creation is a big challenge for most fiction writers. These are a few techniques to assist you in writing great characters for your novel or story...

Character Building Workshop
Your story people will never be the same.

Creating Characters With Attitude
Characters with attitude usually make fascinating characters, Learn when and how to create them...

Creating Fictional Characters
Information from Fiction Factor on building characters..

Fiction Writer's Character Chart
Once filled out, this chart helps you get a firm grasp on your characters.

How to Create a Character
Advice from Author Holly Lisle.

The Nuts and Bolts of Characterization
Creating lovable characters, with the right backgrounds, goals, and flaws, is the key to writing a great romance.

So You've Decided to be Evil
A Step-by-Step Guide to joining the Forces of Darkness

Creating Heroes and Herions

When creating characters for your story, one of the first you'll be thinking of is your hero or heroine. After all every story needs a hero (or heroine). There is some great information below for building one of your most important people.

Create a Tragic Hero
Discover how to create a tragic hero worthy of great literature...

Creating Great Heroes and Heroines
Heroes and heroines are people. They will probably break the rules, the author just need to know when it's ok and when it's not!

Creating Romantic Heroines
Theresa Stevens discusses how to create likable heroines in fiction.

The Eight Heroine Archetypes

Heroines & Beauty
Do heroines have to be beautiful?

How to Create a Realistic Hero for Writing Fiction
This article takes a look at some of the things writers of fiction need to consider when creating a character to be the "hero."

Making Heros and Heroines Real
What characteristics do we want in our heroes (or heroines)? For what do we search when we read, use when we write? Let’s examine creating a hero

Top 10 Tips to Create a Lovable Hero and Heroine in Your Story
Lovable heroes and heroines don't just happen; all that lovable-ness is carefully engineered by the author - find out how...

We Need a Hero
A Look at the Eight Hero Archetypes

Creating Villains

No one remembers a hero who defeated a slow-witted buffoon, so when creating characters remember to create a villain that will make you proud! Here are some tips and ideas from the experts to help you along your way.

Creating Villains People Love to Hate
How to make those very special villians...

How to Create a Villain
Advice on creating a memorable villain.

The Other in Fiction
Creating Wonderfully Wicked Villains

Seven Tips on Creating a Fantastic Fantasy Villain
What Fantasy authors might want to consider when crafting bad guys.

The Sixteen Villain Arcgetypes.

Creating Non-Human Characters
In recent years we've seen some pretty fantastic non-human creatures come to life - so when creating characters be sure and put the same devotion into creating your non-human individuals as you do your human individuals. Here are some excellent articles and sites to get you on your way.

Aliens and Faeries: Non-Human Characters Acting Badly
Creating non-human characters.

Constructing Characters
Great insight on creating your characters.

Creative Writing Now
Questionnaire for creating fantasy characters

Villains: *Bad* Bad Guys and *Good* Bad Guys

From Inside to Outside, Outside to Inside Developing characters.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing
Creating aliens and other creatures

Writing a Dystopian Novel
Balancing world-building with character-building.

Bringing Characters to Life

After your individuals are created, the next step is developing them into full, deep and believable characters. This section will help you bring your characters to their full development.

A Different Look at Dark Heroes
There was a recent discussion on one of the romance listservs about dark heroes awhile back. Author Alice Duncan wrote such an interesting response that we asked her to expand her thoughts, which are a bit different from most romance authors.

Building believeble relationships between characters in fiction
How can we build a relationship that will last, at least on paper? What are the keys to a successful relationship, beside the most obvious sexual attraction?

Building Fictional Characters One Stranger at a Time
Building a fictional character is the same thing as meeting a stranger and getting to know her. Take that meeting one step at a time...

Building Sexual Tension
Just as in real life, sexual tension in a romance novel doesn't usually come on fast. It's slow, seductive, and builds as the hero and heroine get closer...

Character Architecture
Eight steps to sparkling characters

Character Motivation
Six Distinctions in Motivating Characters

Creating Character Depth With Astrological Signs
At first glance this keyword system may appear complicated, but by using only one or two signs it's quite simple.

Deeper People
Putting Yourself into Your Characters

Great Characters
Their Best Kept Secret

Holly Lisle
Resource for building characters and plots.

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