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If you want to write books for children or are already a children's book writer, you've come to the right place! Childrens Writing Resources is packed with articles, information and tools about the craft of writing children's books. Good luck and happy writing!


"You must write for children in the same way as you do for adults, only better."
~Maxim Gorky


The Basics of Writing For Children

eBook Crossroads
If you dream of writing books for children this introductory guide will give you a starting place.

Unfortunately, there is no "quick" way to break into the world of children's publishing. If you love childrens writing and would do it even if you never make much money or never get published you may just have the passion needed to be successful!

If you've decided that writing for children is your passion - let’s get started...
Click here to read the Guide To Writing For Children

General Resources

Aaron Shepard’s Kidwriting Page
Some good information and children's writing resources here, check it out.

Agents: A Primer, by Harold Underdown
Tips on finding an agent for children's literature.

Anastasia Suen Workshops
Children's Writing Workshops.

Bethany Roberts Writers Resources
Extensive listing of Resources for children's writing.

Regular blog posting of outstanding, helpful information for writers.

Bringing Your Story To Market
A collection of articles and tips on marketing and promoting children's books.

Childrens Books and Reviews
Stories of Virtue and Vice: Stories and Character Development

Canadian Children's Book Centre
Non-profit organization to promote and encourage the reading, writing and illustrating of Canadian children's books.

Children's Book Editors
Direct links to the children's editors at various publishing houses.

Children"s Book Illustrators
Listing of graphic artists that illustrate childrens books and stories.

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers
Direct links to hundreds of children's publishers' submission guidelines, plus how-to information about childrens writing and getting published.

Fab Job: Children's Book Author
Insider information and practical advice on becomming a published children's book author.

Funds For Writers
Resource of Writing Funds for Serious Writers

Highlights Foundation
Offers workshops for children's writers plus a huge collection of articles and tips from previous workshops.

Searchable database of almost every children's book ever written and much, much more....

On Writing Non-fiction For Kids
Children's author Fiona Bayrock offers articles and resources on writing non-fiction books for kids..

Understanding Children’s Writing Genres
Definitive glossary of children's publishing genres.

Vandergrift's Children's Literature Page
Great collection of resources, including links to fairy tale information, world literature, authors, illustrations, and more.

Tips and links for childrens writing.

The Word Pool
Resources for parents, teachers and writers.

Writers Edge
Resources for writing plot, dialogue, creating characters and more...

Writers and Illustrator Children's Book Awards
Listing of Book Awards for those who write and illustrate children's books.

Online Rhyming Dictionary:
Rhymes (up to 7 syllables), synonyms, antonymns, homophones, and more!

Children's Picture Books

Make Your Picture Book Sparkle!
Article on how to make your picture book stand out from the crowd.

Picture Book Academy
Courses on writing picture books for children.

Picture Book Construction: Know Your Layout
Tara Lazar provides great explanation of basic picture book construction along with diagrams. Worth a look...

Writing Picture Books
Tips and ideas to keep in mind when writing your book

Young Adult Writing Resources

Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing
Information, resources and insights on writing for young adults. Writing for Young Adults Podcasts
Podcasts about writing for Young Adults.

Cynthia Leitich Smith
Author site with information, links and insights on writing for young adults.

Multicultural Resources
Information on multicultural children's books with print and Internet resources.

YA Write
Unique critiquing and discussion lists. All by eMail.

Children's Book Illustration

Illustration Agents
Listing of Agents for children's book illustrators.

Illustrating Children's Books
Articles and information on Illustrating from The Purple Crayon

Picture Book
Great online resource for Illustrators.

Information and fun for childrens writers and illustrators.

Children's Writing Markets

All Frelance Writing
Directory of paying freelance writers’ markets. You can browse the writers’ markets by category below or search them if you’re looking for something specific.

Colossal Directory of Children's Publishers
Direct links to hundreds of children's publishers' submission guidelines, plus how-to information about childrens writing and getting published.

Easy Way to Write
Writing for Children - Markets

Educational Markets for Children's Writers
Ev Christensen's page of links to publishers of educational material, including children's book publishers.

Eugie Foster's Page: Children's Markets
Children’s market information and writing resources.

Writers For Childrens Magazines
Magazines and markets for children's stories.

Writer's Write
Links to online writer's guideline database for children's writers markets.


"The best children's book writers are not people who have kids, but people who write from the child within themselves.
~Andrea Brown

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