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Featured Review

Gladiss And The Alien

By Warren Thurston

Title: Gladiss And The Alien
Author: Warren Thurston
Publisher: Sunny Side Up Publishing

A review by Diane Thomas

Gladiss and the Alien is an exciting story about a horse named Gladiss and her young mistress, Sally. Upon taking an early morning run, an incident occurs and Sally is thrown. Both Sally and Gladiss appear to have come thru the accident in tact - that is until Gladiss begins to moo like a cow!

Sally and her father try to keep Gladiss under wraps for fear someone will want to capitalize on Gladiss's affliction. Unfortunately, they don't succeed and Gladiss is kidnapped. Sally and her pet bird, Pakka, set out to find her, and the adventure begins...

Warren Thurston has created a wonderful heroine, and a couple of very unlikely heroes. This is a delightful story with plenty of excitement and surprises. So what does the Alien have to do with it? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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