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Book reviews are an excellent way to promote your book for free! Advertising can cost thousands of dollars - but a book review only costs you the postage and the cost of the book.

Book reviewers and authors help each other - the authors give interviews and books, and the reviewers give authors the promotion they need to make their books a success.

A word of caution: Most book reviewers list typos and bad editing as one of their major "pet peeves." If your book is unedited, full of typos, or otherwise unfinished, don't bother contacting the reviewers in this list as you'll be wasting their time and yours

The Galley - A Short Story

For those of you who have heard the term "galley" but aren't sure what it means, I am going to answer these burning questions: What is a Galley? Why do I need one? Where do I get one? What do I do with one?

Here goes...

A galley is basically an advance reading copy of your manuscript. It can be unbound or bound into book form. Bound galleys are usually prepared after a manuscript has been typeset, but before proofreading. Galleys are used for promotion and are sent to book reviewers and distributors before the manuscript is published.

There is essential information that should be included in the galley: The title, author, publication date, ISBN, number of pages, number of illustrations, trim size, publisher name and contact information, distributor name and contact information, publicist name and contact information, price. It should also state, "Uncorrected proof: do not quote without prior permission from the publisher". This information should be on the cover or on the first page.

If your book is not likely to be reviewed by the major media, you probably do not need a galley. It will depend on the type of book you are publishing. If your manuscript is such that you want reviews from major publications you should send copies to trade magazines in your topic area, book clubs tht deal with your genre, and to anyone else that might have an influence on the sales of your book.

To obtain galleys for your manuscript, check with local printers to see how much they would charge to produce bound galleys for you. Generally speaking, you would want 25 to 30 copies. Keep in mind, most reviewers or distributors will require galleys three to four months before the publication date.

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