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An Author Fan Page Can Get Your Book Prpmotions Rolling...

Authors, do you have an Author Fan Page on Facebook? No, why not? It’s not just for kids anymore - it’s full of adults and businesses. What better place to advertise you and your book(s) than on the site that dominates the social networking world!

You probably already have a Facebook page with your personal profile, and you probably mention that you’re an author and maybe even list your book(s). But creating a Profile Page as a writer will provide a professional platform to propel your writing career and sell your books...

An Author Fan Page is different than a personal profile It's more streamlined and a little less personal - And it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself as an author, for several reasons.

There is no friend limit. You can have any number of fans without limits. There is also no email limits, meaning you can send updates to all your fans with just one message. It also allows you to keep your personal profile personal and totally separate from your professional image.

Are you ready to become a social presence that can’t be ignored?

Begin by writing a brief plan for your page. First you’ll need to decide whether to have an "Author" Page under your name (or pen name) or an "Entertainment" Page with your book title. Generally speaking I would recommend an "Author" Page for brand recognition and consistency. Now decide what kind of content you want to present: book descriptions, photos, links, videos or other multimedia content. Only choose content that makes senses and adds value.

If you don't have a personal Facebook profile you will have to create one before you can create your Author Fan Page.

Create Your Author Fan Page:

1. Go to this link

2. Select the Artist, Band, or Public Figure button

3. Once selected, you’ll get a drop down menu where you want to select "author"

4. Enter your author name in the "name of page" field

5. Check the box to agree to Facebook’s Pages Terms and Conditions

6. Click the "Get Started" button.

Congratulations, you now have an Author Fan Page!

Once you’ve created your Page and filled in all the necessary information for your mandatory "info" tab and updated your settings, consider the following elements to elevateyour Author Fan Page to a micro-site committed to your content and your audience.

Profile Photo
Upload a profile picture. If you don’t like your author photo or simply want to be creative, you might consider creating a tower ad for your brand. You’re allowed 180 x 540 pixels to work with, so you could easily create a banner with a logo, book covers, a tagline or a branded image.

An important part of your promotion is creating a registered username (short url) for your page. The first thing to be aware of, however, is that you can’t select a username until you have 25 fans. When you reach the allotted number Facebook will post a message inviting you to create your username.

A username must be unique. If you have a common name it may not be available and you will have to select an appropriate username that is as faithful to your Page’s name as possible. Be sure to choose wisely, because you won’t be able to change it.

Newsletter Sign Up
If you haven’t signed up for a newsletter service, it would be well worth it to do so. Your fans want to hear from you, so use every opportunity to collect their names and build a mailing list

If you already have a service, check to see if they offer a companion Facebook App that plugs in a sign-up form to your Author Fan Page. Having a built-in audience can help spread the word about you and your new books as they come along.

Blog/RSS Feed
If you have a blog or an RSS feed on your website you should allow the feed to run on your Fan Page. The feed can be imported through Facebook Notes or through a third party such as, Social RSS, RSS Graffiti or RSS For Pages.

To use Facebook Notes, go to your edit page. Notes is already installed on your page, just click "Go to App" below Notes in your App list. Enter your RSS URL in the "Edit import settings" and select "Start importing".

A great App to drum up buzz and publicity for your events. Notify your readers of book signings, tours, a new book launch and any other pertinent events. It can also be used initially to get your first 25 fans in order to set up your username. Simply set up an event called "Please like my author page" (of course, I’m sure you can be a little more creative) and invite all of your friends to the event.

To set up events, go to your edit page and find "Events" in the App list. Click "Go to App" directly below it and follow the prompts to enter your event information.

Discussion Boards
Another App to consider including is Discussion Boards. This is a great way to keep interest in your Fan Page and keep everyone abreast of what’s going on with the Industry, your books, etc.

Go back to your edit page screen and return to the "Apps" page. Scroll down to the discussion boards and click on "edit settings", then "add". You can also add any of the other standard apps like notes, videos and links as well.

Another app that is very useful is the "Fan Appz". You can use this app to set up quizzes, polls, give-aways and much more. You’ll find it here:

For additional help in creating your Author Fan Page, Facebeek has a helpful FAQ page on the basics of a fan page vs a profile, and a brief manual on how to get started.

Now that you’ve built your Author Fan Page, you’ll want it to start working for you. Promote it, share it, link it. ..Share it on your blog, message boards, even offline. Put the URL on your business cards, fliers or bookmarks that you use to promote your book(s). Link to your other social networks, like Twitter. Add a "like me" button to your blog or website.

Facebook has become a major hub of communication and commerce over the last few years. If you haven’t heard, Facebook has over 500 million members. That’s more people than live in any country except China and India. So if you don’t think it is worth your while to advertise yourself and your work on Facebook - you might want to re-think...

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