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Audiobook FAQs

What is an unabridged audiobook?
Unabridged audiobooks are word-for-word narrations of the printed book, and are usually read by one person.

What is an abridged audiobook?
An abridged audiobook is a condensed version of the printed bookcarefully edited and crafted to preserve the author's style andintent. Abridgements are often used for production cost reductions.

What is a dramatized audiobook?
Dramatized audiobooks are scripted, play-like version of the printed book,usually performed with a full cast and often with sound effects and music.

What is an MP3 CD audiobook?
MP3 is a compression technique that allows a significant reduction in theamount of space audio recording requires on a compact disc. Savings canbe up to 80% compared to the same audiobook on standard compact discs. MP3 Compact Disc audiobooks can be played on CD players that support MP3 technology and accept a 4.75" diameter disc or on a personal computer that has Microsoft's Media Player or similar software.

What formats do audiobooks come in?
Audiobooks are available in cassette (tape), standard compact disc, MP3CD and downloadable formats depending on the bookseller.

How do I know what the audiobook format is?
Each Audiobook has a 'detail page' that provides format information,author, narrator, abridged, unabridged, recording length, publisher anda short narrative of the contents.

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