Aids For Writers

Aids For Writers include how-tos, books, tutorials and software...

If you're looking for help with your writing, my Aids for Writers are for you! You'll find a great selection of books, tutorials, software and more. Enjoy!

Quick Aids For Writers

StoryCraft  StoryCraft is a story-processing program, designed specifically for writing any kind of stories (from short stories to screenplays and novels) - and comes with history's greatest writing coaches built right in!

The Easy Writing System Learn how to tap into instant creativity, gain an Author's mindset, banish doubt and lack of confidence! This no-nonsense, step-by-step system will enable you to turn your fiction writing "dreams" into reality.

Self Publishing Secrets  Do you want to start earning serious cash and become a published author? Author Trent Steele shows you how.

Procrastinators Guide To Authorship Best-selling author, Rita Emmett, takes you gently by the hand and shows you in easy, bite-sized and "doable" steps how to finish your book, find an agent, negotiate with publishers, get publicity, develop recurring income and so much more....

Writing Rituals 5 proven writing rituals that will keep you focused and help you write faster and smarter. Whether you are writing a novel, reports, articles or promotional materials this guide will dramatically improve your productivity.

Become A Children's Writer: Insider Secrets  This book is jam-packed with writing tips and tricks by children's author Jill McDougall. She offers practicle advice on a range of topics, including finding ideas, gaining feedback and finding markets - and provides links to hundreds of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

25 Ways To Write For Money Discover 25 Ways To Get Paid As A Writer - From Writing Ebooks To Copywriting To Freelance Articles To Greeting Cards And Resumes. This is NOT a book about improving your writing skills. It's a book about how to get paid to write.

Book Proposal Secrets  Learn the 10 steps to creating book proposals that will blow the socks off any agent or publisher. Learn from publishing mogul, Dan Strauss how to get a publishing contract in record time.

How to Write a GREAT Children's Book
Want to write childrens books? Robyn Opie, author of more than 70 published childrens books, reveals inside information on how to write for children and get published!

Write, Create & Promote A Best-Seller  It takes something special to Write, Create & Promote a Best Selling Ebook in 30 Days! Learn how to profit from your writing!

Novel Writing Made Easy  Discover the surefire secrets to publishing success. Professional authors' step-by-step system (manual & workbook included) for planning a novel that practically writes itself.

Write and Publish Your Own Ebook in Less Than a Week  Discover the secrets to having your own, outrageously profitable ebook written and published as quickly as...only 7 days from today!

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