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Step 6: Research Affiliate Programs

The key to your marketing success is choosing good programs and engaging in good marketing techniques.

What you are going to look for are merchants with excellent products, reputations and with professional websites that are set up to sell their products effectively.

A good place to start your search are referral networks:

Commission Junction
Affiliate Window

Another great resource for locating affiliate programs are affiliate program directories. These directories are categorized so that you can easily find programs related to your niche, and they provide information and recommendations to help you make your choices. Here are a few to take a look at:

Associate Programs
Affiliate Seeking
Affiliate Scout
Affiliate Programs

To learn the steps you need to take to analize and make decisions on the best programs to promote read Choosing An Affiliate Program

Step 7: Set Up A Marketing Strategy

Setting up a marketing game plan is crucial to your success. Anyone who is successful in whatever they do has had a plan to make sure they succeed. As affiliate marketers we must do the same thing to make sure that our efforts and hard work do not go to waste.

Having a plan will make your business more efficient and profitable over the long term. Do your homework and define exactly what it will take to be successful. If your plan involves implementing things that you're not good at yet, practice, practice, practice.

A successful plan begins with through research. This will help prevent costly mistakes down the line. But should you make mistakes - and everyone does - use them as lessons and learn from them.

Find out what it is your customers need. Put yourself in their shoes. What are they looking for? What do you need to offer them? Why should they buy from you rather than from the competition? How do you make your products or services stand out above the crowd?

Identify your competitors and find out what they are doing to promote their online business. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How might you improve on what they're doing?

Setting up a plan is simple. First, write out some goals, both short terma and long term. Decide what you need to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to acheive these goals. Then make it happen. A good plan is useless unless it's executed.

Be sure to include an opt-in form on your website as part of your affiliate marketing strategy. Building a relationship with your customers is vital for promoting online - and the money is in the list! For information on using eMail marketing in your campaigns, Click Here

Here are some other strategies to consider:

Article Marketing is a no-cost and effective way to market affiliate products and should be high on your list of strategies. You'll find more detailed information on article marketing here,.

Banner Ads used to be the hot ticket a few years ago, but customers are much more reluctant to make the click today. Still, as long as they are coupled with other advertising they still have a place in your marketing campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can be very effective, but is not for the faint of heart. Tread carefully to limit any financial losses while you are learning the ropes. Google adWords is the best known and easiest to set up.

Product Reviews are an effective strategy to grab your customers attention and provide unbiased information about your affiliate products. This is a proven approach and will also help establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Download my free report on How To Write A Prifitable Product Review Here

Viral Reports have proven to be a very effective tool for promoting affiliate products. Simply write a short report (7-10 pages) on a problem or concern and show how your product can solve the problem. Turn it into a PDF file and offer it free to your visitors. Offering a free report will also add to your opt-in list and the good information you provide will help to brand you as an expert.

These are only a few of the strategies that are available to you as an affiliate marketer. Do some research, use your imagination and take your first steps as an affiliate marketer!

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