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Here you will find tips and techniques for choosing and promoting referral programs. You might also want to check the "Roadmap" in the left hand column for other information on affiliate programs.

Quality Is Always #1
When assessing affiliate programs do not simply rely on the sales hype provided by the program.Thoroughly check out the program and the product(s). If possible purchase the product yourself for evaluation. The better the product, the easier it will be to recommended it to others, and the chances of people purchasing the product will be far better as well. Also keep in mind that your reputation is on the line if your promoting products that are of poor quality.

Hot Affiliate Tip #1 - Beware the hype! Read the article Here!

Select Your Target Audience
The first question to be answered is, "who is your target audience?". Once this is established it will be much easier for you to select the products that will sell. Do some research. Find magazines, ezines, forums and web sites targeted for this group. Now you know where to focus your advertising efforts.

Find Your Niche
Choose a topic that is of great interest to you and build your web site around that theme. You will be far more passionate in your content writing and far more believable in your marketing if you really care about your topic. Learn all you can about your chosen topic - become an expert. This will provide name recognition, credibility, and make selling the products you choose easier.

Hot Affiliate Tip #2 - If you enjoy your topic, running your business will also be fun - and in the end more profitable!

Get Your Own Domain Name
You can promote affiliate programs from a free site, but free sites are easy to detect, and you won't be taken seriously. If you are serious about building a business you need your own domain name and web site. To build credibility, name recognition, repeat traffic and an overall professional appearance you really do need your own domain name and web site.

Sell High Demand Products
Selling things that people want is an easy way to get those dollars rolling in. Information products are number one. Digital products are in great demand and often provide high commissions. Bargains always get customers excited. A good affiliate tip: Quickly jumping on new products or the latest fads can provide good rewards.

Hot Affiliate Tip #3 - One quick way to find hot products is by checking the top selling programs at Clickbank.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!
Building traffic to your web site is the name of the game. If you have a targeted audience, you will need about 500 unique visitors a day to make reasonable money. The best thing you can do to bring in lots of traffic is to provide good content and build trust and credibility with your customers.

Hot Affiliate Tip #4 - The best information I have found on this subject is Ken Evoy's Make Your Site Sell! Go ahead and click, it's one of the best free reads you'll find on the Internet.

Residual Income
Finding affiliate programs that provide residual income will provide an ongoing income for as long as a customer continues using a service or membership site. One sale can provide income for several months or years. One really good program is the GetResponse Autoresponder.

Good Salesmanship
Having a good product with a high commission rate will do you no good unless you also have good salesmanship. Here are some excellent products that are designed to sell.

Solo Build It! by Ken Evoy
1st Search Ranking by Sumantra Roy
Internet Marketing Course by Cory Rudl

Increase Sales With Personal Endorsements
An excellent way to promote products is by writing a personal endorsement. The best way to do this is to purchase the product and write an honest review. Don't be afraid to point out slight flaws in the product either. If the product is a good one (and you shouldn't promote it if it isn't) pointing out small deficiencies will not detract from the salability, but rather show that you are making an honest evaluation.

Just Say No To Spam
The worst way to promote a product is using bulk, unsolicited email (Spam). Reputable programs do not permit their affiliates to use spam, so you may forfeit any commissions you have earned, and could even be billed for damages. You can lose your Internet connection and ruin your hard earned reputation.

Hot Affiliate Tip #5 - Always, Always Say No To Spam!

Banners or Content?
Using banners is the easiest, most popular and the least effective way to promote affiliate programs. Content is still king! Write endorsements, offer helpful advice, provide useful content - be creative!

Choose Wisely
Look for quality affiliate programs that provide useful information, sales tools and tips, articles and newsletters. They are the product experts and can provide you with promotional ideas, product information and the like that you ordinarily wouldn't know. Many provide samples of emails, articles, reviews that you can change and customize for yourself.

Your Own Newsletter
A newsletter is a must have for any Internet business today. It is by far one of the best promotional tools you can use. It will assist in name recognition, is a superb promotional tool and a great money making tool. Most successful marketers place a lot of importance on their opt-in lists as a way to make repeat sales. To learn about publishing a newsletter click here.

Hot Affiliate Tip #6 - Build Your List! The best way to succeed in affiliate marketing is by continually growing your list. You know the drill - The Money is in the List!

Signature Files
A great way to promote affiliate programs is by using a "Sig File". This is the space below your eMail address. The sig file shouldn't be a long advertisement, simple a line of advertising the name of the program and the URL. Here is an example:

Don't just build a web site - Build a Business

Solo Build It!
http://www.Solo Build

Hot Affiliate Tip #7 - Go to and get a url for your affiliate program that is unrecognizable as an affiliate link. For your article marketing read "Create A Profit Pulling Resource Box" for ideas.

Build Your OPt-in List
One of the most effective ways to build traffic to your site is to collect opt-ins for an email newsletter. There are two important components to a successful email newsletter: compelling content and a continually growing opt-in list. The more people that opt-in to receive your newsletter, the greater chance you'll have to drive targeted traffic to your site.

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