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Affiliate Code

The Affiliate Code is designed to teach you how to set up a web site to sell affiliate products (products created by others that you can sell and make commissions on). Michael Jones is a top affiliate, and developed the Affiliate Code to earn his own living online.

Most often when a marketer earns the kind of money Michael does it's due to Google Adwords or some other paid traffic, which means the cost of the traffic generated has to be subtracted from sales to realize their profit. The techniques that Michael developed are from free traffic, so his money earned is literally profit.

The Affiliate Code to some extent is an extension of The Click bank Code. You'll find some of the same content in both courses, but Affiliate Code is only based on free traffic techniques and applies to all kinds of affiliate products and programs.

Additionally, the Clickbank Code was geared more for Clickbank affiliates with some experience and success, while the Affiliate Code is designed for beginning affiliate marketers or those who are still struggling to make money online.

The course consists of 8 modules broken down into video tutorials - 39 in total with over 8-1/2 hours of training material:

Module 1: Picking A Profitable Niche
Module 2: Choosing The Right Product
Module 3: Affiliate Web site Set up
Module 4: Using an Auto responder
Module 5: Copy writing Secrets
Module 6: Getting Free Traffic
Module 7: Tracking Your Results
Module 8: Scaling it Up

The modules provide step-by-step instruction on how to build your affiliate marketing business from scratch using free marketing methods. I found the training very understandable and easy to implement.

Here is a small sampling of what you'll learn with the Affiliate Code:

-How to get higher rankings within a few hours instead of days
-How to use unique methods to dominate the search engines
-How to run your affiliate business on autopilot
-Simple techniques to build a huge list of targeted buyers
-How to make sure your product choice will actually make you money
-Easy ways to create landing pages that convert
-Enter any niche as an affiliate and become the dominate player

I don't believe that this course will help affiliates that are already making an online living. There are no 'new revelations' jumping out, so you probably already know most of the techniques. I also doubt that beginners will be making $65K a month in the short term.

I do believe, however, that the course is a complete and proven step-by-step system, so that if you learn and implement the techniques, you'll greatly reduce your learning curve and with a little effort will have plenty of traffic and sales for many years to come.

The course is designed to help you start your business in the right way using free methods to reduce start-up costs. After watching the videos you should be able to set realistic goals (which is key to your success). And I believe that if you follow the course and begin implementing some of the techniques you'll begin to see sales coming in a relatively short time.

All in all, I am very impressed with the Affiliate Code. It is certainly one of the most complete affiliate marketing training courses currently available, and tailor made for the beginning affiliate marketer.

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To Your Online Success!

Diane Thomas

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