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Wherever you may be in the development of your venture (thinking, planning, writing, producing or marketing), this one-stop, virtual intersection of writing and publishing has a wealth of information and tools to make your projects easier, faster and more successful!

If you're looking for a literary agent and a publisher - or want to self-publish your ebook - or market and and promote your books - or create your own website or business - or start your own newsletter or eZine...you'll find the books, articles, and tools you need. Just click on the Nav Bar to the left or click on the specific information below.

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"Nature can do no more
She has fulfilled her Dyes
Whatever Flower fail to come
Of other Summer days
Her crescent reimburse
If other Summers be
Nature's imposing negative
Nulls opportunity --"
~Emily Dickinson

Summer is a little more laid back and relaxing. We tend to take time off to enjoy our favorite activities and bond with our families, so it's an excellent time to rethink our goals - or perhaps to separate our dreams from our goals.

Goals are the foundation of our business, whether it's writing, publishing, marketing, etc.. They provide targets with which to gauge your progress, they are the basis for your marketing and financial planning, and when divided into manageable steps will provide the path to the realization of those goals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while setting your goals from your lounge chair :

  • Be realistic. If you set your goals beyond what is reasonable to accomplish you're defeating the purpose and will frustrate everyone involved. Reaching a goal can be uplifting and spur you on to the next goal and even greater heights of accomplishment.
  • Make a firm decision in your mind that once you have set your goals you will stick to them. Setting goals is the easy part - following through to bring them to realization is the difficult part.
  • Write your goals down and refer to them often to make sure you are still on your game plan.
  • Rank from the maximum to minimum in importance so that the most critical goals are met first.
  • Set your goals in a proactive manner. In other words plan for profitability not preventing loss.
  • As part of your plan be sure to set up a way to track and evaluate your progress and make necessary corrections.
  • Once your goals are set make an action plan to start working towards achieving them.
  • Be flexible in the way you implement your plan. Don't pass by unexpected opportunities that may arise as long as they ultimately move your plan forward to fulfill your vision
  • Don't give up. If you're having a problem try out a different method and move forward. Be persistent.
  • When you have achieved a goal - celebrate! The path to your final destination has been shortened. Take time to enjoy the moment.
  • Setting and achieving goals motivates and empowers us. In order to unlock the power we must make sure our goals are challenging but not unattainable; that they are consistent with our vision; and that we do not lose sight of them.

    The people who make an impact have goals. They set them and don't lose sight of them until they have achieved them. Goal setting is a powerful tool in your quest for excellence in your business and your life...

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    In the last decade the publishing and delivery of books has changed drastically. There is no longer a one-size- fits-all publishing industry. Today there are hardcover books, eBooks, audio books and books recorded on CD's and DVD's.

    I know the new writing and publishing 3.0 can be a little daunting, but rest assured that eBook Crossroads will guide you on your journey, providing information and resources that will save you time, money and heartache along the way.


    Writing in the new millennium has changed too. Oh not the nuts and bolts, but now there are so many options that were never available before.. You can still write a traditional novel and try your hand at traditional publishing but you can also do so many more things...

    Most of you know about writing careers such as novelist, journalist, and screenwriter. But today there are a plethora of other writing professions, including indexing, blogging, web content development, and online auction listing, that have developed in the last few years that are now desperately seeking new talent.

    The Writers Edge will guide you through the writing essentials you need to perfect your writing skills, from grammar and punctuation to writing dialogue and mystery novels.

    You'll discover resources for writing like my list of book editors, articles full of tips, tricks and advice, and writing software like Scrivener [Download] Scrivener, and so much more...


    The new world of information exchange is complex, exciting and exploding with new opportunities. To understand today's publishing and it's future, we must first consider the possibilities of what can be achieved with the new technologies. Understanding these possibilities will help to develop a smooth transition to new models of publishing.

    There are 4 main options for book publishing, namely traditional publishing, print on demand (POD), self-publishing and digital publishing, which encompasses, eBooks, audio books, mobile, podcasts and more...

    If you have a completed project you may want to find an editor or an agent. You may also want to look into getting a Kindle for yourself.


    Today, authors have to do a lot of their own marketing. That's just the reality of the publishing industry, whether you get a publishing deal or whether you self-publish.

    The good news is that the Internet provides a host of opportunities never before available to make it possible for anyone to market globally. It takes some time and effort, but it doesn't necessarily cost that much - and you might even find that you enjoy it!

    The Marketing Center has a lot of information, inspiration and resources for marketing your books and related products. Let eBook Crossroads assist you in taking the right action for marketing your next book or project.


    Red Sky In Morning
    The Reading section will quench your thirst for great reading by great authors. Every month EBC will put together a top 10 list of eBooks and Audiobooks. There will also be a section of some great new authors and we will feature one author with a short bio and a listing of his/her most popular books.

    And as always there are plenty of articles and if you require an eBook Reader for reading your eBooks or other electronics, we always have a great selection...

    Let's Get Started...

    There is so much to do. You'll find resources to help you write, publish and market your project. Plenty of writing tips, places to get published, self-publishing information, and more.

    Need help? Hang in there - that's what we're here for!

    Now that you have an idea of what there is to browse through or dive into, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (or tea) and take a look around. There is plenty to see and plenty to learn so click on a topic and submerse yourself...


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